About Us

Rock Fastpitch Events are designed to teach the game of softball at the highest level. We bring the California and Texas style of high energy and tempo to our camps, where teaching good mechanics and passion are the game!!! With the growth of the sport and the inclusion of softball in the 2020 Olympics, our Rock staff  believes that we need to stay on top of the game with all the ever changing pieces. Rock Fastpitch travels the country looking for clinicians that know the game and can translate what it takes to succed in the sport to our young athletes. There are so many advantages to the new recruiting rules that now allow student athletes to have more time to develop their skills sets and gain exposure by attending events like ours!  The sport has so much to give and Rock Fastpitch takes it's responsibility to inform, develop and promote our sport very seriously!  Watch as our young athletes represent us in the sport for years to come!!!!